Coffee Bar

Double shot of espresso served with equal parts steamed milk and milk froth

Perfectly steamed milk with double shot of espresso
$3.29 / $3.79
Add a flavor shot for $.49

Double shot of espresso pulled over hot water
$2.29 / $2.79

Double shot of espresso served short, long or traditional

Double shot of espresso served over caramelized raw sugar

Espresso Macchiato
Double shot of espresso marked with steamed milk


Quick Cup
Our monthly featured coffee brewed to perfection
$1.79 / $2.29
Refills – 69¢ per cup

Cafe Au Lait
Equal parts coffee and steamed milk
$2.79 / $3.29

Pour – Over Coffee
An individual cup of coffee, ground and brewed by hand on the spot

French Press Coffee (Serves Two)
The mesh filter allows all of the oils and a few particulates into the cup for a full body

Chemex Coffee (Serves Two)
The thick filter prevents all particulates and some of the oils from entering the cup for a lighter body

Siphon Coffee (Serves Two)
The siphon pulls all of the oils through a cloth filter and allows no particulates through for a well balanced body
Add a flavor shot to any drink – 49¢

Other Drinks

Ice Tea

Republic of Tea
Hot or cold
$2.29 / $2.79

Chai Latte
$3.29 / $3.79

Glass of Milk
$1.79 / $2.29

Hot Chocolate or Steamer
$2.29 / $2.79

Italian / French Soda

Arden’s Garden

Premium Sodas

Apple Cider
$2.29 / $2.79